Getting Started


After you download your generated code, get oriented by looking at the Files Overview.  You do most of your coding in the XXX_Plugin.php class file.

You may need certain operations to happen during install/uninstall (including making database tables), during activation/deactivation, and during upgrades.

You probably want to add your own actions and filters including en-queuing Javascript & CSS Files

Maybe add short codes

You may need to add some AJAX handlers

Your plugin may need to have options including an options administration page.

You will want to understand how to enforce role security.

You may need to add administration pages.

As a good plugin writer, you will want your plugin to support internationalization.

Once you have your plugin created, you may want to share it. To do this, register your code on

You will later want to release and upgrade your plugin.


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  2. I get a security error when trying to access most of the pages, such as “install/uninstall”, etc. Is there something I need to do to access all the documentation?

  3. Great! I compared a few plugin templates and I decided I’d go with yours as it’s pretty clean and I only did minor tweaks (like putting css/js/img in assets folder).

    However, I’m surprised to see that the plugin does not show up under Plugins, so I cannot activate it.

    Wonder what I am missing?

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