Files Overview


Assuming you create “My Cool Plugin” you would have the following files and directories:

my-cool-plugin.php The main plugin file. This one contains the plugin standard header. This file does a PHP version check and sets up the text domain.
my-cool-plugin_init.php  This file is called the the main file and initializes the plugin class defined in MyCoolPlugin_Plugin.php. It is separate so that is is not parsed unless PHP version check is successful (otherwise you would get a PHP parse error when trying to activate the plugin)
MyCoolPlugin_Plugin.php Your plugin class. This is where your write your code. Extends MyCoolPlugin_LifeCycle.
MyCoolPlugin_LifeCycle.php Superclass for MyCoolPlugin_Plugin. Provides lifecycle functions for actions related to installation, uninstall, activate, deactive, and upgrade. Override these functions in MyCoolPlugin_Plugin to add actions.
MyCoolPlugin_InstallIndicator.php Superclass of MyCoolPlugin_LifeCycle. Includes functionality for tracking what version of your plugin is installed.
MyCoolPlugin_OptionsManager.php  Superclass of MyCoolPlugin_InstallIndicator. Provides management functions for options including creating an options page.
MyCoolPlugin_ShortCodeLoader.php  If you would like to create a short code in its own class, extend this class and implement one abstract function.
MyCoolPlugin_ShortCodeScriptLoader.php  Like MyCoolPlugin_ShortCodeLoader (a subclass of it) that includes another abstract method to implement aimed at including links to Javascript files in the footer only when a page uses the short code.
readme.txt  Standard plugin readme.txt file. Example format. Format Validator. Mark-down syntax.
css/  Empty directory in which to put style sheets files.
js/  Empty directory in which to place javascript files
languages/  Empty directory in which to put your i18n files (*.pot, *.po, *.mo)

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